Wednesday, 10 April 2013

True Love

Are may be very down, no one to show you compassion. All friends are conditional, not there for you. Tough life, hard times, 'no bright tomorrow'. Looking for a person to tell tell you Go on, be strong, have this provision, i will love you all the days of your life. I will never forsake you in times of troubles.
I found ONE who did all these and much more. He is above all men, He is the son of a King, Our Lord God Almighty, His name is Jesus.
He is a friend to mankind. Allow me tell you that accepting Him, You will not perish but have eternal life in heaven.
I will be telling you more of Jesus.
Have a great time meditating of this new introduced friend.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Kenya Repent Before 4 March Elections



A message to Kenya from the Mighty End-time Prophet of the Lord to our Beloved country of Kenya is Should WE fail to have a national repentance from the top to bottom a post-election violence is inevitable. Many are the Stern warning he has given to nations and they surely occur!
Kenya is a country loved ,by God and so we should in return love Him by obeying Him He is God Almighty, the Everlasting Father. Lets heed to this golden call for repentance to save ourselves from the unquenchable wrath of God.
For further details contact: and click to watch the prophecy on NTV
ALL these is because, The Messiah is Coming Hence lets prepare the way!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Messiah is coming!

I decided to follow the Mighty and Blessed Prophet of the Lord sent by Him to preach repentance and holiness as well as healing. Dr. Edward David Owuor is the Sent one. Jesus Christ is coming sooner and as many Holy Scriptures as possible shall accompany the prophecies of the Coming.
Matthew 24 just to mention one.

Watch the Mighty healing in KAKAMEGA MEGA MEETING of 1 september 2012.